A parliamentary vote

So following the high court decision yesterday, and assuming it isn’t overturned on appeal, which seems unlikely, there will be a vote in parliament to decide on the triggering of article 50. This is going to lead to some interesting times.

Will members of parliament look at how their constituents voted and decide on that basis or will they use their judgment – as they should in a representative democracy – and decide on what they think the best course for the country is.

I wonder for example how Dominic Raab will vote. His constituency of Esher and Walton voted very strongly to remain in the EU but Dominic Raab is strongly Euro-skeptic and campaigned to leave. Will he vote as his constituents would want or will he vote on his own conscience ? I’ve no doubt he will want others in the house of commons to take the lead from their constituents because that will lead to triggering article 50, but of course that would lead to him voting to block article 50.

Interesting times.

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