No Plan

With every passing week it becomes more and more obvious that the Government has no plan for Brixit.

It’s easy to say, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘We won’t give a running commentary’ but everyone can see that there isn’t a commentary to give. The PM keeps saying, ‘we will get the best deal for the UK’, but it’s blindingly obvious that whatever deal we get will be significantly worse than the deal we had on June 23rd. In fact, the UK isn’t really in any sort of position to get a ‘good deal’. In the end, we will either have access to the EU single market and pay more than we currently pay without being able to influence the rules, or we will be out of the EU single market and be compensating lots of big companies for the additional costs they will pay for tariffs and quotas.


The really annoying thing is that the EU wasn’t the problem in the first place. Although there were people who voted to leave because they wanted  to take the UK back to a romantic 1950’s that no longer exists, the majority of the people who voted leave were conned into thinking that the reason the hospitals are full, the schools are decaying and you can’t get a doctor’s appointment was because of immigration.  Of course the real reason for the problems is because the Government stopped spending money on these things – money was better spent apparently, reducing corporation tax.

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