Brexit roundup for week ending 19 Nov 2016

So what have we learned about Brexit this week?

Well, we found out that Italy is apparently going to cave in to any demands the UK makes because otherwise their economy would collapse if there were tariffs imposed on their export of Prosecco.

Jeremy Corbyn is getting better at PMQ’s since Mrs May took over as PM – or else she is a much poorer operator than David Cameron was – or she is on poorer ground.

Google have announced that they are going ahead with their investment with a large London headquarters which has been hailed by many leavers as a sign that Britain is ‘open for business’. It looks to me that investment that hasn’t been cancelled is being looked at as some major success – I also wonder how much Google’s business is dependant on the EU single market? The internet is fairly border neutral.

There are rumours that the Scottish and Northern Irish governments may have to give approval to the triggering of article 50. If that is the case there will be real uproar in the media – you can just see the Daily Mail headlines “Scots de-rail the will of the people”. Of course if that is the way it goes it simply shows that the people who led the leave campaign should have properly researched the process of leaving before telling everyone it was simple.

I saw an article about the large number of European agencies which the UK are members of for things like medical research, air safety etc and the huge cost to the UK if they don’t carry on being members of these organizations and try to go it alone. I wonder how that is going to pan out.

A leaked document (but not a Government document) said that we would need 30000 extra civil servants to carry out the work necessary to leave the EU. That’s apparently about 6000 more than the whole EU employs.

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