So what was the point of the last year?

What has been the point of the last year?

Theresa May triggered Article 50 at the end of March this year because, although she wouldn’t give a running commentary on the Brexit plan, said she had a plan and would deliver a ‘red, white & blue’ Brexit. She then decided to call a general election in order to ‘strengthen her hand’ at the negotiation table with the EU. Having then shown the country how totally ill-equipped she is to be Prime Minister, and losing her Parliamentary majority, she wasted another few weeks stitching together a deal with the DUP to remain in government.

Now she suddenly decided that there isn’t enough time to negotiate a deal with the EU and has basically asked the EU if it would be ok for us to have a transition because we don’t want to suffer the effects of leaving the EU without the deal we so desperately need.

So much for ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ and the idea that basically ‘we hold all the cards’.

But, there are dangers here:

For a start, the EU may not agree to this transition, or they may only agree with conditions attached. I believe that all the individual nations of the EU have to agree to the transition so any may require the UK to make specific concessions ie Gibraltar etc.

If it is agreed that means we will leave the EU in March 2019 and may have absolutely no idea what our future relationship with the EU will be. This really does mean we are over the edge of a cliff with no way back and no real knowledge of what lies ahead. How can Parliament vote on a deal she strikes when we have already left?

And what got us to this position: the same basic problem that started it all – the Tory party in-fighting and the absolute number one priority to put the party and the chance to keep power ahead of the good of the country.



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