The logic of a brexiteer’s mind

I heard an interview with John Redwood on the BBC Politics Show a couple of days ago where he was extolling the virtues of leaving the EU without a trade deal. He made the point that we could leave and just move to WTO rules which are how we trade with the rest of the world anyway – easily done and the tariffs are quite modest.

So that got me thinking – if we can trade with the EU under WTO rules, which is the biggest part of our trade why are we leaving? The whole point of leaving was so we can set up Free Trade Agreements with other countries; well why do we need to do that if WTO is a fine arrangement? Why must we convert the best Free Trade Agreement we have (the EU) into WTO on the off chance we can set up new ones with countries we already trade with under WTO. There are massive double standards at play here.

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